July 13, 2013


Software Consultation Services

Software consultation services with TMS hands-on experience help you in software early stages , technology selection , design and integration with other legacy systems.

Starting from Requirement gathering phase , requirement analysis till delivering High level  and detailed design document.

Information architecture and visual design is a must-have component of a great software project, they are prerequisite for conceptualizing your idea and getting a software product that will become a true business driver for your company. TMS offers UI design and software prototyping services to help your business yield the best possible output results.

Custom Software Development Services

If off-the-shelf solutions on the market do not completely match the processes and ultimate goals of your firm and you would like made-to-order software, TMS software developers will help you build a solution to align completely with your business aspirations, corporate procedures and internal communication processes!


Using  Agile methodology allows client to use a delivered running product every 3 weeks , fast heart beat allow the client to change requirement during programming process with minimum impact on delivery deadline.

agileTMS software development  phases:

Requirement gathering and analysis :

In this phase business analyst / requirement gathering team schedule face to face client visit  to gather all needed functional and non functional requirements.

After requirement gathering those requirements are being analysed by analysts to clarify any ambiguity.

High level design and detailed design:

At this stage high level design (System architecture) is established , then a detailed design that describe all system  components is created and reviewed by our software architectures.

Development phase:

Development in TMS follows state or art / high level  standard in coding to make sure that we  deliver best performance , readable and maintainable code.

Code Testing phase:

To ensure robust , fast and responsive software , all deliverables should pass below type of testing :

  • Unit Test : test each block of code to ensure that it perform required function as expected.
  • Integration Test  : test the interaction between different system module to ensure that every module interact as expected with another module.
  • Performance Test :  test  application response time to ensure proper response time.
  • UAT (User Acceptance Test) : this type of test is performed by Testers  to ensure that our products is usable / user friendly and follow Human Computer Interactions standards.


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