July 13, 2013

OncoCare® – Oncology Patients EMR

OncoCare® (Oncologist Tool) is a complete patient’s information management system that centralizes chemo therapy and medical oncology patient data into a single user interface, accessible by multi-disciplinary teams across multiple locations.
OncoCare® provides comprehensive image, data and workflow management.
OncoCare® provides a unique chemo therapy protocols creation wizard allows the practitioner to add / customize used therapies.

OncoCare® is considered as one of best oncologist software in Egypt.

  • Complete patient medical record.
  • Protocol Management.
  • Automatic dose calculation and session scheduling.
  • TNM and staging.
  • Histology / Histology Behavior.
  • Toxicity reporting.
  • Response evaluation (RECIST).
  • Efficiency measurement (OS/PFS).
Standards :
  • ICD-O 3
  • CTCAE v4.0

System Modules


 reg-logo_2  Registration Module:

  • Ability to add new patient’s personal details.
  • Ability to print hard copy of patient’s personal details.
  • Ability to update patient’s personal details.
  • Ability to delete patient’s personal details.
  • Easy Search/Filter by any patient details.



med-logo_2  Clinical Examination Module:

  • A Complete electronic medical profile could be created for your patient , it includes diseases , past history, family history,  present history , diagnosis and so.
  • Ability to enter menstrual history details for female patients.
  • Ability to enter special habits with comments.
  • Ability to upload any file with no size limitations.
  • Automatic file open for most of common know format.
  • Human body chart with ability to writes notes on it.
  • Patient examination details such as
    • P.S
    • Weight.
    • Height.
    • BSA (automatically calculated).
    • Location (Pre-defined list of cancer locations).
    • Etc ….

    Medical Examination

trt-logo_2  Treatment Plan Module:

Choosing from Surgery , Radio and Chemotherapy options allow the oncologist to set proper treatment plan for his patients. Oncologist will be able to select from predefined system protocols , upon select specific protocol , dose will be automatically calculated for active patient.

Treatment Plan

fu-logo_2  Follow Up Module:

Upon patient visit oncologist will be able to add visit details to patient medical record ,as well the will be able to report any side effects trough A-Z sorted possible chemotherapy side effects also he will be able to enter proper comments for each selected side effect , as well he will be able to record any drug toxicity incident.


protocol-logo_2  Protocol Management:

A Smart tool is used to create/update  system protocols through easy set-up wizard

, starting by specifying protocol name ,

cycle length and drugs and ending with setting every drug dose and regimen.

Protocol Management


reports-logo_2  Reports and Statistics:

OncoCare® contains a set of reports and statistics helps oncologist/center to better manage their treatment policy , drug usage.

Many valued reports such as Drug Usage , Treated Cases , Case Summary and so.

Different data presentation:

  • Pie Chart.
  • Bar Chart.
  • Tabular form.

Advanced Reporting


Advanced Reporting - Charts

session-logo_2  Patient Therapy Sessions Management:

Upon selecting proper protocol OncoCare® automatically assign treatment session for patient with specific calculated dose (could be edited by oncologist).

Oncologist can manage all patient therapeutic session s, changing status , postpone and change session dose.


OncoCare®  Features:

  • Complete Electronic Patient Medical Record.
  • Electronic Treatment Plan Management.
  • Statistics and Reporting.
  • Patient Sessions Management.
  • Automatic Session Assignment and Scheduling.
  • Protocol Creation and Drugs Management.
  • Patient File Uploading.
  • Complete Possible Chemo Therapy Side Effects Index.

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