July 11, 2013


We provide robust  , milt-clients enterprise Products.k9869475

Our Products should pass a set of tests to ensure a high quality , maintainable products.

Our Products is designed to be fully integrated and modular , a loose coupling between modules gives the customer the option to select needed modules only.

OncoCare® (Oncologist Tool)

Is Complete Oncologist solution helps  oncologist to provide better services  through complete electronic patient medical record ,  daily work flow management , starting from registration through medical examinations , treatment plan and follow up , a completed electronic patient sheet will be there.

OncoCare®  :  is designed to support different application clients as Android Smart phones / Tablets , stand alone desktop application also it could be accessed remotely (outside system domain)

System Modules:

  • Registration.
  • Medical Examination.
  • Treatment Plan.
  • Follow Up.
  • Drug Management.
  • Protocol Management.
  • Patient Treatment Sessions Management.
  • Cities / Districts Management.
  • Reports / Statistics.

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IHIS® (Integrated Hospital Information System)

Is a complete hospital management system suites for Small and Medium Hospitals.

Being Integrable / Modular allow the user to selected needed module only.


  • Registration : Patient registration details.
  • Inpatient : Room Management , Drug requests , patient medical profile.
  • Outpatient: Clinic Scheduling.
  • Pharmacy : Drug management , Drug Sales , Drug Return , Inventory Management.
  • Finance : Billing , Sales , Patient Balance.
  • Control Panel : This tool is used to set up system users , hospital departments , services , rooms , etc.
  • Radiology : Radiotherapy scheduling and session details.
  • Reporting and statistics : this module contains may reports and statistics that aids to better manage the hospital.


  • User friendly : follows User Experience standards.
  • Bi lingual (Arabic/English) :  All Screens could be view in both languages.
  • Modular : loose coupled module makes it easy to activate needed modules only.
  • Support many application Client: Stand alone application , web application , Tables and mobile clients.
  • Support offline mode: in case of server down , users can continue working in offline mode.


This product is currently under developing phase it will be available soon.