March 23, 2015

Connect ® – Medical Sales Reporting System

What is Connect ?

Connect is Medical Sales Reporting System that helps both Medical Rep. and managers to easily report activities , plan and monitor progress. As well it provides customers / accounts data store that helps company to manipulate their customers details in an easy fast way.


Connect is composed of several modules :

  • Planning  / Reporting visits.
  • Customers / Accounts.
  • Requests / Approvals.
  • Team Management.
  • Notifications.call_rate
  • Reports Generation :
    • Call Rate.
    • Plan Accuracy.
    • Customer Coverage.
    • Product Coverage.
    • Visited vs. Unvisited

Why Connect ?

Easy to use / user friendly application helps medical reps to easy set their monthly plans , report their activities and monitor progress instantly on daily bases. Different colors representing activity status , makes it easy for medical rep / manager to check missed / completed activities without need of any query. If you need more information about activities you can use "Activities" screen that allow you to set specific search criteria. As a manager you may need to compare different team members results for different months , to compare members to each other (performance) as well you can compare same member performance though different months , all of those facilities are allowed for all type of Reports. Connect is a simple Medical CRM that fits most of pharmaceutical companies , it is considered as a mandatory tool that helps pharmaceutical companies on their orations for better performance enhancement and monitoring.

What Makes Connect Different ?

  • Simple and Easy to Use.
  • Accessible from any Device such as PC ,Tablet or phone.
  • On time / instant reports results.
  • Fast and Robust. 
  • Plan and Report at Same Place.
  • Notifications Module.
  • Requests / Approvals module help in data protection.
  • Smart Alarm for Managers.
  • Easy data manipulation through filters / sorters.
Notifications Module helps "Connect" users to keep updated with Action being held on System , as Medical Rep. he/she will receive notifications in many cases such as "Request Approval / Rejection" , "Accounts / Customers List Changes" and more. For Managers and Auditors they also receives notifications that helps them to efficiently manage their team , "Plan Submission Delay" , "Data Changes Requests" are some cases in which they will be notified.